How to submit NFT drop – Discover and track the best NFT drops

How to submit NFT drop – Discover and track the best NFT drops

How to submit NFT drop – Discover and track the best NFT drops

The submission of NFT drop projects is so diverse that it is difficult to determine what is worth the investment. Since most NFT collections are only as valuable as the hype surrounding them, early participation in a project is an important way to profit. But investing early in an NFT project could be a double-edged sword. The right project will bring a lot of benefits, but the wrong project will not remain.

How to submit NFT drops

It’s not hard to submit NFT drops, but you’ll need to be aware of social media and word of mouth for certain drops. There is no monitoring group to determine which messages are true, so it is best to act on your own judgment.


OpenSea is the most famous platform for selling, buying, and trading NFTs. It is useful not only for viewing digital art collections but also for tracking and analyzing digital art investment portfolios. OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace, so you can easily track the NFTs listed on the platform.

NFT Calendar

You can submit future NFT drops using the NFT calendar. NFT Drops Calendar will not only announce all upcoming NFT drops, but also any NFT-related giveaways, events, and sales.

Upcoming NFT is a valuable platform to not miss the upcoming NFT drop. If you have any upcoming NFT projects, events drop, auctions, or giveaways, you can get information about them through this platform. NFT projects can be viewed based on popularity, when to add them, and upcoming appointments.

The NFT Evenings have a calendar to keep you up to date on upcoming drops and NFT events. You can also get a lot of information on the NFT Evening website, other than NFT drops. An NFT drop calendar site is, which includes the latest drop news, projects, and information about the artists behind each drop.

To keep NFT and Crypto assets safe

The NFT world continues to grow as NFT projects increase and buyers become more concerned. There are risks associated with accessing NFTs and moving between wallets. While blockchain and ledger hacking can be difficult, these new NFT marketplaces can be subject to fraud, misuse, and breaches. When a cybercriminal obtains an NFT’s private key, he or she becomes the rightful owner.

The industry needs a market-driven solution that can address the ever-growing complexity of the Crypto assets market. TransitNet is creating the industry’s first third-party title registry to demonstrate proof of ownership of Crypto assets in order to add a layer of protection for investors to digital currencies, NFTs, and other Crypto assets.

Join us at the forefront of the new crypto infrastructure. Once the transient title registry is launched today, request an exclusive registration.

Discover and track the best NFT drops

An NFT drop is the release of a non-soluble token. However, the term “drop” refers to the exact date and time at which the NFT is cast. NFT drops often offer lists and special promotions for early entry. Joining the moment an NFT drop occurs means you are likely to get an NFT at a better price, as you can join first before the value (preferably) rises. NFT drops usually have a purchase limit and a limit on the number of NFT castings.

As more artists and brands join the NFT, more and more NFT drops will come. It’s important to understand the market well and not be left behind without noticing the NFT drops or missing out on purchases at exorbitant prices.

What is the NFT Tracker tool?

The NFT tracker tool is a software program that helps investors track top-trend NFTs from various NFT collections. These tools are specifically designed to track new and current NFTs by rarity.

If you want to get revenue from the NFT market, consider using the NFT tracker tool to automate the NFT tracking process. Keep in mind that since new NFTs are created almost every day, it is important to always use traceable software.

The software can identify and analyze the NFT collection and provide the results. The information from these tools can help you make more informed investment decisions.

Tips for finding the best NFT

Before we dive into the best tools to track trends in NFT, let’s take a look at some of the tips on buying a new NFT.

If you want to make a profit from your NFT investment, you need to do thorough research. You need to explore the story behind a particular NFT artwork. The most important points are as follows.

From the characteristics of NFT, we understand its rarity and production process. Check if the NFT author has a community. If you have a community, check its location and follow up.

  • Investigate the current price of that NFT.
  • Find out the total number of pieces of that NFT in the market.
  • Analyze which platforms can find the NFT.
  • One of the best ways to get started with NFT research is to look through the information available on Twitter, Discord, and YouTube. These are places where the majority of NFT enthusiasts spend their time.

Let’s keep finding of the hottest and trending NFTs and look through the best tools to make a profit.


BitDegree is a unique website for drawing various alternative NFT collections from the NFT market. Selecting a collection will provide enough information that can give you a lot of insight into the practicality of finance in a given NFT. You can use this tool to create a private portfolio where you can track your personal preferred NFT.

Key Features

  • Create personal trailing portfolios
  • In addition, detailed analysis is also possible, providing a better understanding of the market and its performance.
  • Currently, BitDegree tracks more than 350 collections from many different protocols.


Oxalus is an NFT analytics platform that allows you to find promising NFT projects, free-minting NFTs, and even hidden gems from multi-chains.

It provides analysis of NFT market space, total supply, and price, as well as community scores, community growth, engagement rates, and more, giving users more insight into their projects.

Plus, log in with Oxalus ID and use Advanced Mode to add mint/release dates to your calendar and receive alerts so you won’t miss the next event for your favorite NFT projects. Then, filter sorting mode in ascending and descending order saves time in selecting and evaluating projects.

It is an easy-to-use platform for NFT tools. With just one Oxalus ID, you have full access to NFT tools, NFT gaming gateways, NFT wallets, and game trackers.


Moby is a very effective drop calendar tool that provides NFT feeds and statistics quickly. To monitor their assets and notice new NFT speculation, Moby is responding to users who want to make quick investment decisions. The professional version of this tool gives you access to a more comprehensive analysis tool. Moby is very useful for NFT investors and also makes it easy to observe assets.

Key Features

  • easy-to-use website
  • Provides accuracy within an hour
  • There is a free version and a professional version.

Subscribers can access a lot of useful information, such as past assortment data, regular feeds, and NFT signals. is another tracking tool that can provide all the necessary information about the top NFT collections in the blockchain world. Statistics based on NFT prices and quantities can also be obtained.

When you visit the official website, you will see a list of top NFT collections with total assets, collection value, floor price, volume, and sales. You can also check the upcoming NFT collection on to see if there are any interesting upcoming projects to invest in. Visitors can look through these NFT collections to see their asset value, date of investment, casting price, etc.

Icy. tools

Icy. tools are an efficient NFT drop calendar tool with a focus on trending NFT collections. Once you’ve connected your wallet, you’ll be able to see the highest trending NFTs in the last 15-30 minutes. You can also access floor value, sales, average price, and quantity when tracking NFTs. Once you’re a Premium member, you’ll have access to the restricted areas of each NFT collection. It can include all NFT history and price charts. In addition, you can obtain breakdowns of NFT projects that support rarity and attributes at the same time.

Key Features

  • Provides a rich set of analysis options
  • Software systems are being actively developed and improved.
  • The tool is easy to use even for beginners and it is also possible to track wallets.

Apart from viewing and tracking NFT collections, you can also track all cryptocurrencies through this platform.


Whether the NFT gives its holders practicality beyond the possibilities of art and investment has long been discussed. However, a project is trying to change this by giving the holder a realistic utility of participation in exclusive music events. The project is “Cocky”, a lifestyle club based on NFT.

Launched by Parasol Group, the project seeks to change the definition of practicality by allowing owners to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they can’t afford. The project will host at least two in-person events per year and regular virtual events for all owners.

The collection will consist of 10,000 Cocky Can NFT and will be available in Q4 2022. Each can in the collection will have one of 51 skins with a colored lid that represents the tier-based system of benefits the holder receives at the event.

Key features

  • transportation subsidy
  • accommodation facility
  • additional ticket
  • Bar Tab
  • limited edition product

The rarest NFT is a black can, which allows holders to receive VIP treatment permanently. This includes pre-event flights to luxury resorts, meet and greetings with artists, and an all-access pass backstage.

The NFT has a unique ability to display mutations as stamps in the background. Collecting stamps when you attend an event will allow you to write a story about your ecosystem journey.


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, it’s highly recommended that you use an NFT tracker to check the rarity of your NFT to make quick investment decisions. The most important thing in building a strong NFT investment portfolio is to get as much information as possible. By getting more information and data for each NFT you are considering investing in, you’re more likely to be able to make a smart investment and avoid investing in less valuable NFTs.

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